Practically Canon is a pegasus NPC located in a small garden atop one of the palaces in northern Cantermore, next to Leit Motif.


  • "I haven’t actually seen any of my sisters in a pretty long time. I wonder what they’re all doing now..."
  • "Did you know that higher-pitched sound waves are closer together than lower-pitched sound waves? That’s why, on sheet music, higher notes are spaced lower together than lower notes. Cool, huh?"
  • "Don’t you feel, at times, that you’re not real?"
  • "I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast this morning. I don’t have any plans for what I’ll do later. The only thing I can remember is standing here, talking to you!"
  • "Many ponies like music because it’s popular. Sometimes it’s hard to tell your friends, but you may like music that isn’t the kind everyone else likes. Enjoy what you truly like."


  • The term canon refers to something that's accepted as "official" in a story or setting.