Primary Source is a unicorn NPC standing near Silky Roads in Midway Village.

Dialogue Edit

  • "Take my word for it, Pinch Hitter's set to be the Timberwolves' breakout player this season."
  • "Coffee is my lifeblood, especially if I'm pulling an all-nighter. It's a little-known secret that if you just keep drinking more coffee, you'll never get a caffeine crash -- at least, until you're through with your last cup."
  • "If you're going to say anything about history, make sure you've done your research first."
  • "Every scrap of information -- even legends, stories and myths -- are a part of history."
  • "The whole Post-Logicist school is nothing but a bunch of quacks."
  • "I haggled for a rug with a merchant in Istanbull last summer, while I was on a trip to research classic Brayzantine architecture. I got him down to 40 bits, less than a half of his original offer, but I'm still sure I got ripped off. Hey, it was fun."


  • A primary source is something that provides information that is part of the subject in question (such as made during that period in history, or participated in the event being reported).

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