Prince Overwatch is an earth pony NPC in the Crystal Kingdom. He can be seen on the top floor of the Crystal Castle overlooking the whole city.

If the player attempts to interact with him after they report his conspiracy to Princess Gumdrop, he will refuse to talk.

Dialogue Edit

  • "I didn't say this but I think I would prefer if Gumdrop wore clothes. It's just more benefiting for a princess."
  • "I sometimes forget that I'm standing on the focal point of the love of an entire nation. This place is extraordinary, but to me it's so ordinary."
  • "I wonder how the Crystal ponies would react to having a male monarch instead of a female one. Would they even accept it.?"
  • "They say mares love a knight in shining armor, and my experience has told me that's true~even when the mares are on the enemy side."
  • "It sure is a nice view from up here. Personally, I think this is even better then the balcony."
  • "It's such a burden to constantly maintain "Love Enforcement". If only there was another way to make the Princess's vision a reality."

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