RLYoshi is a member of PR and a social media manager for Legends of Equestria. He runs the Twitter account, writing and scheduling just about every tweet to come out. He appeared on the BronyCon 2014 panel, where his role was, to quote himself: "I am the Spike to this group; not really useful, but good comic relief". He spent most of the panel making jokes and trying to balance an Applejack plushie on the thin end of a book. Somehow he hasn't been fired yet. Outside of work with the game he also has a YouTube channel where he does let's plays and pony science.

His in-game character is a cobalt blue unicorn with a yellow and brown mane and tail named Winter Solstice. His talent mark is a police badge. If you see him in game, please photobomb him, for he is likely taking pictures that will show up on the Legends of Equestria Twitter feed.

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