Rear Echelon is a merchant pegasus NPC standing alongside the west-north footpath that starts on Midway Village. Her extensive armor suggests that she might be some sort of fighter in The Heartlands.


Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Torch Torch 3 0
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet 75 15
Brass Chest Plate Brass Chest Plate 100 20
Brass Back Plate Brass Back Plate 75 15
Brass Front Legs Brass Front Legs 50 10
Brass Back Legs Brass Back Legs 50 10
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 5 1
Nickel Helmet Nickel Helmet 400 80
Nickel Chest Plate Nickel Chest Plate 400 80
Nickel Back Plate Nickel Back Plate 600 120
Nickel Front Legs Nickel Front Legs 350 70
Nickel Back Legs Nickel Back Legs 350 70


Rear Echelon wears a Bronze Chest Plate, Bronze Front Legs and Bronze Back Legs.


"I know you know this already, but just remember to take care of yourself out here in the wilderness."


  • Prior to Open Server Event 10, Rear Echelon had a greenish coat.
  • From Open Server Event 10, Rear Echelon is also a merchant.