Red Top is an NPC pegasus located inside the post office on the north side of central Cloudopolis. Air Mail is behind a counter at the front of the building and must be passed to reach Red Top.

Appearance Edit

Red Top wears Scroll Bags.

Dialouge Edit

  • "It takes a real genius to weave together a gripping story."
  • "It's a rather slow news day today."
  • "When you find the perfect story just when you need it most, that's the best."
  • "I hear so much about the world but i hardly have time to travel.It's a shame really."
  • "Hard work gets you places, remember that."
  • "Don't leave the papers out too long around Cloudopolis! They get soggy."
  • "Talking and writing, my jaw gets sore sometimes."
  • "Hello there, heard anything interesting lately?"
  • "When a door is not a door?.... When it's an open arch~way. Ha. That's a good one if i don't say so myself!"

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