Relic de Falco is a pegasus NPC who can be found while walking northwards from the central pavilion in Cloudopolis, following the winding road.

Merchandise Edit

Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Fyre Flye Body Fyre Flye Body 100 100
Fyre Flye Leggings Fyre Flye Back Legs 50 50
Fyre Flye Leggings Fyre Flye Front Legs 50 50
Socks back Tartan Socks (Back Legs) 50 50
Socks front Tartan Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
Gems Gems 30 30
Looking Glass Looking Glass 100 -
Tophat Tophat 9 9


  • "Darn kids these days. You don't care if yesterday burns, you just want to stoke up the fire."

Trivia Edit

  • Relic's dialogue suggests he is very interested and well-versed in Equestrian history; however, he refers to the historical figure Commander Hurricane as a mare. This suggests that the history of the world presented in Legends of Equestria possesses additional differences compared to that of the MLP:FIM universe in addition to changed names. Or it could be that Relic de Falco doesn't actually know as much as he pretends to.