The Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator is the story of the eponymous pony that players may experience in this quest of the same name. There is nothing more to it - find the Ancient Aviator in Cloudopolis and listen to his tale. The player also receives a piece of Smooth Rock, a Lantern which the player can equip as well as 500 XP at the end of it all.

The story may be repeated as many times as the player wishes, but the rewards are only awarded the first time it is completed.


The Ancient Aviator recites his tale in the form of a poem, one line at a time. Periodically, the player is offered to choose a response, most of which just cause the Ancient Aviator to continue. The first two sections of the poem are:


(Hi! What's up? / What are you staring at? /, sorry to bother you. I notice you don't have a Talent Mark. What's up with that?)

I am an ancient aviator,
A midshippony by trade
The winds would be my arbiter
The storms I would evade
Until fate dealt me a drastic hand
So now I sit here bound
To warn those still up on the land...
I cannot leave the ground.

(You got wings, dude. You wannta fly, use them. / Aren't you being a bit over the top? Can't be that bad. / Is there any way I can help? / Nice rhymes, dude! You a poet?)

I was first mate on a trading blimp
A zepplin, strong and fierce
Defiant they called her, a ship first rate
Who'd sailed for countless years
SHe wathered storms a hundredfold,
Braved cyclones tall and wide,
And her reinforced and armored hold
Stored countless cargo inside.
Many moons ago this time of day
She set forth from these cloudy isles
For a colony in Hoofston Bay.
A journey of 12,000 miles
What happened next, I'm cursed to tell
To all who'll hear this song.
Should you accept, I must warn you
My tale is quite long.

(Fire away! Can't be longer than my grandpa's stories. / Two of those last two lines totally didn't rhyme. But yeah, I'm game to listen for a while. / Yeah... I got like things to do...thanks for offering though!)

...<the poem continues>...

Trivia Edit

  • The title of the quest is a reference to the notable poem of the early romantic period The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
  • When this quest was first introduced, the location of this quest's starting NPC makes it unlikely that anything but a pegasus will ever be able to start it.
    • As of Open Server Event 11, he had been moved to a location that is accessible to all races.