Rosemary is a unicorn NPC who can be found standing on one of the balconies at the back of Cantermore University in Cantermore. She is one of the NPCs involved in Picking Up the Pieces.


  • "If you really want to achieve your goals, it takes a lifetime of dedication."
  • "Welcome to my shop."
  • "Please don’t mind the smoke, it’ll clear momentarily."
  • "Yes, we’re open for business. Welcome."
  • "I am simply incapable of producing shoddy work. It is beneath me to do sub-par or... slapdash work."
  • "If you are here, you are here seeking excellence."
  • "Mmm, nowhere else will you find items like mine. This is not a boast; this is iron hard fact!"
  • "I am proud of what I create. Look, and you will see that pride."
  • "Mmm, are you here to pick up the platinum brooch? No? Ahh. Ahem. No, of course not."
  • "Please wipe your hooves before handling my creations. They deserve to remain in perfect condition."
  • "Ahh, a customer? Welcome."


  • Rosemary is an herb that is usually used in cooking.

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