Sales Pitch is an Earth pony merchant NPC located in a tent along the 1st Street Southeast at the Crystal Kingdom's Crystal Faire, near the spa. He appears to come across as a salespony, eager to sell his goods, to earn enough income for his family. From his dialogue, it can be inferred that his sales have not been too good lately, which may have caused him to become slightly nervous.

Merchandise Edit

Green AppleRed AppleYellow AppleCookieDot Socks (Back Legs)Dot Socks (Front Legs)Iron Back LegsIron Back PlateIron Chest PlateIron Front LegsIron HelmetSalesPitchShopOSE9
About this image

Sales Pitch's shop user interface. Click on an item to view it.


  • "Limited-time offer, super-low prices, act quickly while supplies last!"
  • "This is what you’ve always wanted, and you’ll never get a better deal on it! Buy now!"
  • "D-don’t look at me like all salesponies are soul-sucking minions of Lord Sharvan himself! Hey, it’s a living!"
  • "Just three easy payments of 19 bits!"
  • "ABC- Always Be Closing! Keep pushing the sale! That’s what the pro salesponies teach! But some days, I dunno…"
  • "32 bits!? That’s all I’ve made today? What a disaster! Hey, you, c-come on, buy something, please!"
  • "Deep breaths, deep breaths, I’ve got this . . . . So, ehem, welcome to my store, what can I get for you?"
  • "You need a snack, don’t you? Don’t you? Mmmm, snacks? The snacks which I just happen to have in stock?"
  • "…I know, just cut me some slack, okay? My wife and foals are counting on me!"

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