Silicon is a unicorn NPC standing with fellow Faultless Four member Halite along the outer circle of the Crystal Kingdom on the north side. He wears lab goggles.


  • It's not science unless it's visible from orbit!
  • We Faultless Four are gonna change the way the world thinks about magic forever! Just you wait!
  • Graphite might rain on our parades, but he's got a point more often than not. He's kept some of my dumber ideas in check.
  • When I have nothing to do, I get bored really quickly.
  • Gypsum doesn't talk too much. Come to think of it, I forget she's there half the time.


  • Silicon is a member of the "Faultless Four".
  • In chemistry, silicon is a mineraloid element that, as silicon dioxide, makes up most rock and stone.

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