The shop NPC Silky Roads can be found in front of the Hotel in Midway Village in the Heartlands. She sells food, musical instruments, eyewear, armor, Looking Glasses, and socks. Players have the option to ask for her talent mark story, despite no talent mark being visible on the character model. As revealed in the Following In Her Hoofsteps quest, she is the mother of Lavender Bloom.


Yellow AppleCelery StalkPearSaxophoneTromboneTrumpetGogglesGlassesBronze HelmetBronze Chest PlateBronze Back PlateBronze Front LegsBronze Back LegsIron HelmetIron Chest PlateIron Back PlateIron Front LegsIron Back LegsGold HelmetGold Chest PlateGold Back PlateGold Front LegsGold Back LegsSunlight HelmetSunlight Chest PlateSunlight Back PlateSunlight Front LegsSunlight Back LegsMoonlight HelmetMoonlight Chest PlateMoonlight Back PlateMoonlight Front LegsLooking GlassMoonlight Back LegsSocksDot Socks (Back Legs)Dot Socks (Front Legs)Horizontal Striped Socks (Back Legs)Horizontal Striped Socks (Front Legs)SilkyRoadShopOSE9
About this image

Silky Road's shop user interface. Click on an item to view it.


  • This pony's name is a reference to the Silk Road, the long-range trade routes between East Asia and Western Europe from the Second to Fifteenth Centuries.

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