Silver Tongue is an earth pony NPC who can be found standing on the balcony of the Crystal Castle in the Crystal Kingdom. He can provide a quest Worth Your While if spoken to.


  • "Ahem. How might I be of service, honored guest of the Crystal Kingdom?"
  • "In diplomacy, every party has a vested interest which they seek to advance or protect. The key to negotiation is to appease as many parties’ interests as you can, without stepping on the hooves of anybody who’ll be mad enough to embargo or invade you."
  • "Until the Gryphon Ambassador has yelled in your face about export tariffs for three hours straight, you have not experienced true suffering."
  • "In the modern era of Harmony, soft-power diplomacy is dominant; convincing others to give you what you want is far easier and more dignified than taking it by force."


  • Having a silver tongue implies that an individual has a talent for convincing words.