So You Think You're Ready is a quest given by Tenseven near the Ponydale portal in the Evershade Forest. It is a rather short quest which requires the player to venture into mildly dangerous territory and apply their combat skills.


The player must have graduated to obtain this quest.

Starting the questEdit

The player starts the quest by talking to Tenseven in the Evershade Forest. He will first ask the player if they think they're ready to handle the forest. If the player replies positively, he will challenge the player to collect seven mushrooms in two minutes.

The mushrooms can be found a short distance into the forest, past the level 3 Hornets. Note that this part of the quest is actually timed, and if players do not return to Tenseven in two minutes, five mushrooms will be deducted from their inventory, while he asks the player to retry the segment.

Combat proficiencyEdit

After successfully completing Tenseven's first task, he will then request that the player cast Ground Pound five times on the nearby Hornets.

Once the player has succeeded in this, Tenseven expresses his approval, then reveals that he has yet another challenge, which is to take down three Hornets. The player can use any skill to achieve this.

Upon speaking to Tenseven again, he will remark that the player certainly seems ready to enter the forest, but advises them to travel in a group instead of venturing alone.

Quest rewardsEdit


  • This quest was introduced in Bronycon 2016 to showcase the revamped quest engine, which includes time and ability tracking