Special Star is an earth pony NPC who can be found at the Crystal Library in the Crystal Kingdom. She wears glasses and has a two-tone mane. Her dialog and lack of talent mark suggests she's still a filly and not an adult. Players can talk to her to initiate the Special Star's Heroic Deed quest.


  • I got a D in Mr. Jam's PE class - booo! When I become a superhero, I'm gonna love skipping his class to fight monsters!
  • Look at my luxurious coat and sparkling eyes! I'm obviously destined to be the hero of friendship who saves Equestria!
  • I think I might be a secret princess on my mother's side!


  • Prior to her relocation in Open Server Event 11, Special Star could be found next to the stands at the Crystal Kingdom jousting field (between first and second rings along the west road).
    • She also had a different tail design.