Startrot: The Mysteries of Space is a short and simple quest that begins in the Heartlands.

Starting the QuestEdit

Speaking with Sextant, who is atop of Constellation Hill in the Heartlands, next to the monuments surrounding the Cloudopolis portal, will eventually result in him asking for a Looking Glass. As of Open Server Event 10, he ignores one already carried by the player until a second conversation.

Finding the itemEdit

At least two merchants sell looking glasses. Relic de Falco is in Cloudopolis and is relatively convenient to look for using a shortcut portal there. Alternatively, Silky Roads can be located at Midway Village, which is also in the Heartlands.


Sextant will reward a player delivering the requested looking glass 100 bits (repaying the expense) and 200 XP in all talents. He has sometimes left a looking glass in the player's inventory.


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