The Straight and Narrow quest tests a player's moral integrity by presenting them with a choice: help Beet put the neighboring pumpkin farm out of business, or to refuse and forego the promised reward. The quest can be started by speaking to Beet on her beet farm next to the Pumpkin Patch in the Heartlands, upon which she will give the player a Hornet's Nest with which to perform the deed.

Going through with it Edit

The player can walk over to the neighboring pumpkin farm to talk to Pumpkin Pie. He will be confused as to what goes on as you give him the Nest.

Once the player has done this, they can go back to Beet and admit to doing the deed. She will be disappointed in the player and say that it was all a test. This yields a reward of 100 XP in all talents. (Note: if the player lies about not going through the deed after doing so, the player will instead receive 500 XP.)

Lying Edit

The player can simply talk to Beet again and lie about having done the deed. This yields a reward of 500 XP in all talents.

Doing the right thing Edit

The player can simply talk to Beet again after receiving the Hornet's Nest, and say they didn't do it. Beet will be glad that the player didn't follow through, and reward them with 1000 bits and 1000 XP in all talents.

Alternatively, the player can pretend to go through the plan by making it seem as though they are giving the nest to Pumpkin Pie. After reporting that they did go through the plan this way, Beet will still give the reward along with different dialogue.


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