Sugarcane Corner is a building that players can enter in Ponydale. This building is rather easy to find among the other buildings, as its roof looks like a frosted ginger bread among the other straw roof houses. Players can access the main room, the kitchen, and the second floor. However, the home area, which resembles stacked cupcakes atop the building's roof, does not appear to be accessible. Throughout the previous Open Server Events, live music from the community of bronies has served as the soundtrack for Sugarcane Corner.

List of NPCsEdit

The full list of NPCs can be found at List of NPCs
Candy Floss Silver Platter Taffy Treat
Candy Floss Silver Platter Taffy Treat
Involved in Good Egg, Strawberry Fields, Beep, Beep Delivery, and High Time for Pie Time


  • Sugarcane Corner was present in the first Open Server Event.
  • The interior of the building was given a major overhaul in alpha 0.1, though most of the changes were made to optimize collision boxes, preventing players from getting stuck within furniture.


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