A Sunlight Helmet is an armor item that can be found as a rare drop from dragons and pegasus rock golems in the Evershade Forest. It takes up the Hat slot when equipped by the player. It is a part of the Sunlight armor set.

Sunlight Helmet
Sunlight Armor
A player wearing a full set of Sunlight Armor
Cutie sword1 Combat level 50
HealthInventoryIcon Health: 1000 ArmorInventoryIcon Armor: 60 EnergyInventoryIcon Energy: 0
Health regen: 0 Energy regen: 0
Attack: 0 Dodge: 0
Magic resist: 80 Speed: 0


  • Before OSE 9 in August 2015, the Sunlight Helmet item utilized the Mask slot instead when equipped. It was still listed as a Mask item in OSE 9.