Supplying the Hospital is a simple fetch quest in Ponydale initiated by accepting Nurse Coldhoof's request for supplies. She needs supplies from three different vendors, all found within Ponydale. After collecting the items from the vendors, the quest is completed by returning to Nurse Coldhoof.


Quest initiation:

Nurse Coldhoof has asked me to gather items for the Ponydale hospital from Tonic, Chef Linguine, and Marvell in the event of an emergency.

  • Find Tonic and get medicines from her.
  • Find Chef Linguine and get food from him.
  • Find Marvell and get cloth from him.

After obtaining the supplies:

I've got the supplies, and now I just need to take them back to Nurse Coldhoof.

  • Return to Nurse Coldhoof.

Quest completion:

I've helped Nurse Coldhoof to supply the hospital.

Nurse Coldhoof (Initiating Quest)Edit

Nurse Coldhoof is found just outside of the hospital in the southwest region of Ponydale.

"Oh! Hello! How may I help you?"

>Actually, I was about to ask you the same thing.

"Well, we've been having issues with our supply orders, lately; either they've been delayed by several days, or they never come at all. If some sort of terrible emergency hit, we wouldn't have the supplies to keep up with all the wounded! I hate to think like that, but a hospital should always be prepared for the worst."

>Is there anything I can do?

"Well, I had been considering asking around town to find some back-up supplies that we can keep in the storeroom. Simple emergency supplies. Cloth for bandages, some pure water, and some canned food. I don't have the staff to spare for running errands, but if you're willing, you could ask the right suppliers for whatever they could spare."

>It would be my pleasure.

"Oh, you're too kind, darling! If you could please visit Chef Linguine at the Clover Cafe for some dry goods, Tonic the alchemist at her shop for extra supplies, and Marvell for the cloth. Only ask if they have extras they're willing to donate - we don't have the funds to make those sorts of purchases right now."

>You can count on me, Nurse Coldhoof.

"Don't be forceful now, donations only!"

Tonic the AlchemistEdit


Tonic the Alchemist

Tonic can be found next to the Waterfall Tree in southwestern Ponydale.

"Hello there! What can I do for you, today?"

>Nurse Coldhoof sent me to ask if you have any medicine you'd like to donate for the Hospital's emergency supplies.

"Ahh, she knows I owe her one from that thing a while back... You know, I've got a little crate back there I brewed up just last week. Why don't you give that to her with my thanks?"

Chef LinguineEdit


Clover Cafe in Ponydale

Chef Linguine is just outside of his clover-themed cafe found atop the hill north of Sugarcane Corner and the town hall.

"Welcome to Clover Cafe! You can order something from our menu, or ask for something special!"

>Hello, I'm here for Nurse Coldhoof from the Hospital. She'd like to know if you'd be willing to donate some dry goods for her emergency supplies.

"Oh, of course, of course! The things that hospital has done for this community! I'd be glad to. Here... just, ahh, make sure the label with my name on it is facing outward, hmm?"


Beta marvell1

Marvell the Fashion Designer of Ponydale

Marvell is found within The Boutique, east of the river in Ponydale.

"Hmm? I'm a bit busy, but I can free up a moment with you. What do you need?"

>Nurse Coldhoof would like to know if you have any spare cloth to donate to the hospital.

"For the hospital? My word, is there some sort of emergency? Running out of bandages?"

>No emergency, but the hospital wants spare supplies in case there is an emergency.

"Ahh, no emergency? Very well then. Yes, I do have some spare fabric left over, in a pile over there. Gather up what you can, and give my regards to Nurse Coldhoof."

Nurse Coldhoof (Conclusion of quest)Edit

After talking to all three of the vendors, Nurse Coldhoof can be found again outside of the Hospital.

"You're back? Oh, how wonderful! Yes, some clean cloth... I'm surprised Marvell was willing to part with this - it's beautiful! And some medicine from Tonic - looks like some anti-inflammatories and a few dry poultices - wonderful! Ah, and some soup mix from Chef Linguine... with his name stamped all over it, of course. Thank you so much, dear. I feel much better knowing we'll have these things in a pinch. Please, take this. You've earned it."

>It was my pleasure, Nurse Coldhoof!


Upon completing the quest, Nurse Coldhoof gives the player the Assistant Nurse Cap. The player will also gain 2000 XP for completing this quest.


  • The required supplies might not show up in the player's inventory, but the quest can be completed regardless; the items could, in previous versions, even be sold, though doing so may have bugged the quest.
  • As of the Open Server Event 10, the journal lists the NPCs' names and steps for this quest, however it may not update after getting the items from the NPCs.
    • In Open Server Event 11, talking to Nurse Coldhoof does not activate the quest initiation dialogue, but the journal entry for the quest will be added after talking to her and the player could still complete the quest.