Hello, SweBow here in all his glory! What shall I say, I'm a hard ruling with strict judgement. Why? Well I must! This project isn't as easy to control as it seems. Everyone won't agree with the ideas I have and nor do everyone like what I do. But I always try to put the projects best interest at hand. People also asked me why I'm doing this, and especially for free. Well, because I can and I want too. If we do not do a 3D MMORPG, who else is gonna do it? If you want to know the personal me better check our the IRC and chat with me there. I'm often online when my laptop is on. Else I'm the elder leader (oldest) and the Swede!I got a deep voice with a smoothing jazz too it. Therefore I used the personal text. "The Man, The Voice, The Legend." Other projects I do? Well I don't actually do any other project(s) at the moment. Even though I might have some in plans. Well now enough about me talking about me, now you can do it instead!

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