Tenseven is a pegasus NPC located near the exit of the Evershade Forest. He carries Potion Bags, which may indicate that he might have something to do with the Shaman in the forest.


  • "Shh… listen…"
  • "Some of them are up in the trees. Watch for when the branches move."
  • "If you can see them, it’s because they want you to see them."
  • "Keep your head on a swivel. 360, all-round."
  • "Yeah, you’ll be alright. Yeah."
  • "Whoah… Sorry. You look like somepony I… used to know."
  • "This takes me back."
  • "Stay out of the thick brush. They like to… ehh, you’ll find out."
  • "Hrmm… Can’t trust. Don’t trust. Too shifty. Walks like a shadow."
  • "You can usually tell. Bit of darkness, right behind the eyes. Oily blackness."
  • "Twelve meters… twelve meters… That’s all it took."
  • "I remember the voices, but not the faces. Who were they, where’d they come from, how’d they end up there..."
  • "Why do I still see them if it wasn’t… Ah, hello."
  • "Never found the guy that did it... Maybe never will... But he knows... He knowssss."

Trivia Edit

Ten-Seven is Police Code Ten Code for "Out of Service", or "Unavailable".