The Ancient Aviator is a Pegasus NPC. He is located near an edge of Cloudopolis, straight ahead from the Cloudopolis Academy and past the restaurant dome.


The Ancient Aviator has light colors with greenish tinges, colors that are often associated with the sea. He has no talent mark, but is not underage.


When spoken to, the Ancient Aviator tries to tell the player his story, which explains how he became stranded on his cloud. Listening to him constitutes the quest "Rhyme of the Ancient Aviator". See the quest for a portion of his dialog.


  • The Ancient Aviator and eponymous quest are named after "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", first published in 1798.
  • Prior to Open Server Event 11, The Ancient Aviator is located on a cloud high above Cloudopolis near the Weather Factory.
    • This location meant that only pegasi and possibly unicorns (via teleportation) could reach him.