The Choices We Make is a quest about Red Cross who has been getting suspicious packages from Halite. Meanwhile, Proper Procedure suspects Red Cross of using dark magic and asks the player to find out the truth.

The quest can be started by speaking to Red Cross near the Crystal Kingdom's Hospital in the Crystal Kingdom, upon which she will tell the player to get a package from Halite who is at the north side of Crystal Kingdom.

Getting the package Edit

When talking to Halite, she reveals that she has been making a formula for Red Cross for a while now which does nothing. She explains that the substances in the formula are rare and should trigger a magical effect. She further explains that she do not know what the effect of the formula is and suspect that it is for something shady. She then asks the player to tell Red Cross that she would not making the formula anymore and gives the player the package.

Returning the package to Red Cross Edit

Upon taking to Red Cross, Proper Procedure interrupts the player and mentions that he suspects Red Cross for malpractice. He suspects that Red Cross is using dark magic on a terminally ill young earth pony with an unknown disease. He explains that Red Cross worked long and hard to find a cure but was stumped. However, one day the disease's progress halted. Since then Red Cross have been receiving mysterious packages. He then asks the player to find out what Red Cross have been doing with her packages and report back to him.

Finding the truth Edit

When confronting Red Cross, she accidentally reveals her son. The player can pursue Red Cross about her son or just give her the package. If pursued, she would reveal that the ill young earth pony was her son and she had no choice to resort to dark magic which halted the disease. She explains that she found a old forbidden alchemical text and gave the formula to Halite since she has no experience in alchemy. The player then has a choice to keep this a secret or not. If the player keeps it a secret and accept the bribe, 1000 bits will be rewarded.

Trivia Edit

  • As of Open Server Event 11, refusing Proper Procedure breaks the quest. If the player does not pursue Red Cross about the package or does not keep it a secret, the quest will end and restart again.
  • Also as of Open Server Event 11, If you talk to Proper Procedure at ANY point during the quest, the quest will be reset the next time you talk to Red Cross. If you reset the quest after acquiring the package from Halite, you can actually restart the quest and get another package on top of that. And if you reset it after receiving the 1000 bit reward, you can redo the whole quest and receive the reward again.