Viola is an earth pony NPC who is located just outside the residential district of Cantermore, along the path leading towards The Heartlands.


  • "I donated my tail so another pony could have her violin strings replaced. I sort of miss the long flowing hair, but knowing I helped another pony is worth it."
  • "Hi there, sweetie pie! Oh wait, you’re not Sweetie Pie! I must be mistaken."
  • "I must’ve found three pounds of string in my drawer the other day..."
  • "Them kittens been tryin’ to steal my yarn!"
  • "Anything you need today? I’ve got a concert later, but I’m sure I can help you out!"
  • "My bow needs tightening again. Both in my hair and the one I need for the instrument."
  • "Don’t you love the way a ball of yarn uncurls itself as it rolls away?"
  • "I love the orchestra. If I were able to one day drape the orchestra in a spiderweb of yarn, my life would be complete!"
  • "I’m the four-time world champion of Detangling Stuff. My friends always bring me headphones to untangle. Ah, such is the life of a champion."
  • "Did you know that strings on the violin used to be made out of cat intestines? Gross, right? Now they’re just made out of metal or horse hair."