White Tie is a pegasus NPC found alongside the northeast road of the Crystal Kingdom not far from the outer ring. He wears a Raincloud Hat. His name and dialog suggests he's an important stallion.


  • "This is my daily constitutional. Not even breaking a sweat today!"
  • "To grasp success, you need daring and hard work. Not an innovative answer, but more true than most modern ponies would care to admit."
  • "The Faultless Four, an alchemists' collective, came to call on me the other day. They want my funding for their experiments. But their inventions are just too ridiculous for me to invest in."
  • "Enjoying your vacation, Equestrian? I recommend visiting the library at least once."
  • "I can roughhouse with my trust friends, then laugh about it with them over lunch! A real stallion holds nothing back when competing, but bears no hard feelings with friends."
  • "I often take tea with Silver Tongue, our Foreign Minister. He can make debates over Gryphon Kingdom grain tariffs sound electrifying!"
  • "'We do not admire the pony of timid peace. We admire the pony who embodies victorious effort; the pony who never wrongs their neighbor, who is prompt to help a friend, but who has those virile qualities necessary to win in the stern strife of actual life.' Bull Moose always has a knockout quote for every subject!"
  • "A true scholar never stops learning! Keep reading!"
  • "Keep your composure when life is testing you. Lose your composure at a bad moment, and you can ruin your life."
  • "That spat only happened because SOME ponies cannot respect a stallion's honor! . . . Sorry, bad memories of mine which just came up."
  • "Do not hold to old-fashioned traditions just because they are old-fashioned, but do not reject them because they're old-fashioned either. The march of progress sometimes forgets time-tested wisdom."


  • The term white tie refers to formal evening dress in Western fashion.