Wind Runner is a pegasus NPC who can be found sitting next to Starshine in the large pavilion in the northern region of Cloudopolis. Her eccentric personality, coupled with her habit of going off a tangent to talk about unrelated topics is likely to make any average player conversing with her become confused. She participates in the pegasus tutorial quest.


  • "I heard this really awesome riddle the other day!"
  • "What gets wetter in the morning, is ajar in the afternoon, and..."
  • "Hold on. I don't think that's right."

During Pegasus tutorialEdit

NB: Dialogue sequence not fully covered
"Wow… it’s such a lovely day. Not a cloud in the sky!"

[Response: Uh... That's because we're ABOVE the clouds, isn't it?]
"Oh! Hello there, little pony! What's your boggle?"
[Response: My... oh. Okay. What makes pegasi special?]
"Special... what a funny word. It sounds like it should have a 'sh' in it, but it doesn't! SpeSH-ull. Speeshhhhhh... shhhhh...."
[Response: Uhh...]
"Huh? Oh! Right! Pegasi are special because we're Pegasi!"
[Response: ...]
"Yup! Only pegasi have wings - and that means only pegasi can FLY! Being able to soar around in the sky is so wonderful. It's such a special gift! Special... Spesshhhh-"
[Response: Ooooooh-kay, I think I get it now. Thanks for your help, ma'am.]
"Any time, little pony! Come visit again - we could go get breakfast! Or, if you want more time to talk, break-slow!"
[Response: Uh... huh. Well, thanks for taking the time.]
[Response: I see. I appreciate your help, but I really should be going now.]
[Response: ...What.]
[Response: Um, could you be more specific?]
[Response: Ahem.]
[Response: So...?]
[Response: Yes... it's a miracle.]
[Response: Have you tried looking DOWN?]
[Response: Hello?]

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