Wobble Bass is an Earth Pony, located a street north of the road connecting Ponydale town square with the marketplace, outside the Bowling Alley. He plays the role of party expert in the quest Shown Their Work. His Name and coloration may be a reference to popular fandom musician The Living Tombstone and his trademark style of music.


"Hello there, how are you liking Ponydale so far?"

[Response: It's amazing]

"I know, right?  There are some places you need to check out, like Sugarcane Corner, and the Gem Mines."
[Response: Thanks. I will.]
"Well. I'll be seeing you.  Remember to have fun!"
[Response: Maybe later]
"Well, make sure you get around to it soon! Bye bye, now."

[Response: I Like it.]

"Well, that's nice.  Be sure to get a good eyeful."

[Response: Meh.]

"Well, Miss/Mister Grumpy Hooves. You should go mingle with a few ponies and start having some fun!"

[Response: I don't Like it.]

"Well that's a shame. Once you get used to the place you'll never want to leave.... ever."

[Response: I'm gonna skidaddle on out of here.]

There is a longer exchange during the Quest "Shown their Work"

"Well. I'll be seeing you.  Remember to have fun!"


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